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Saturday, September 29, 2007



- Rumor has it that one our favorite four ladies may possibly pass away in the movie! Any speculation as to which one? Let's hope this is just a rumor!

Some of the following spoilers have already been confirmed with shooting the past two weeks.

- Carrie is still writing for the New York Post and she hires a new assistant named Louise (played by Jennifer Hudson). She is described as a fashionable and sharp African-American woman in her early 20s, who moved from St. Louis to NYC in order to find love. The movie will also feature her ex-boyfriend Will.
- Carrie will interact with Elaine, a gossip columnist in her early 40s working at the New York Post.
- We will meet Karl, a sarcastic businessman in his late 40s who is also Big's friend.
- One of the important roles will be that of Dante, a hot and dark man in his 30s.
- Some scenes will feature Lovro Klujcik, the super of an apartment building; a real-estate agent and her assistant; an angry activist woman who is against killing animals for their fur; and a marriage counselor.
- The events in the movie will take place at least over a few months since a scene is set during Halloween and another, during Valentine's Day.
- One interesting tidbit is that they are looking for four women, one being a redhead, aged between 18 and 25-years-old and are said to be "the essence of our four girls." Are they related to the four ladies? Or maybe they just represent a new generation of women like the ladies?

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