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Tuesday, October 2, 2007


October 2, 2007

An update on St. Patrick's Cathedral filming...

From Kiwi:

"Looks like they tricked us. Apparently, they filmed overnight and packed up this morning and the signs were taken down today (despite the sign saying they were filming today from 6am to 10pm). In the future, we need to assume they might start filming from the time the road is closed rather than the "filming time" they indicate on the sign."

Those little devils! Everyone be on the look-out for yellow "Avery Pix Untitled Production" no parking signs - take pictures and send them to us if you can!

1 comment:

molson said...

What! That's ridiculous- but it explains why I didn't see anything at lunch. Bummer- it does seem a little ridiculous that they would film a major plot point in the middle of the day when everyone could see.